"Sharp, memorable and compelling...I would urge you to see this play." Edfringe Review

"Skillfully maneuvered... unnervingly effective" Stagewon

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Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2011

A Love Letter. A Lethal Injection. A Woman Lost.

Helen travels 4,759 miles to meet and save the man she loves, Tom, a convicted murderer awaiting execution. In her wake she leaves behind a broken family.

Her decision has devastating consequences, forcing Helen to face the truth. In Tom's fragile last hours, Helen's past and present collide. Can you truly fall in love with a man you've never physically met?

Written by Lois Baldry
Directed by Andrea Ling
Produced by Emily Hennessy and Lois Baldry

Designed by Sophia Simensky
Composed by Joseph Hutton.


Helen - Tayah Howard
Tom - Thomas Vilorio
Officer - Edward Walters
Sally - Ellen Sinclair
Rosie - Melissa Johns
Emma - Leanne Govier