Theatre, Live Performance and Installation.

A monthly crossed art event of live music, art and theatre at the Rich Mix in the heart of Shoreditch.

From 2012 - 2013, Andrea was director for the theatre department. Creating new theatre/ live performance for audiences ranging from 200-400 every month.

From May 2013, Andrea directed a Triptych series spread across 3 months for the last 3 shows of Showcase Cities. Each piece was performed in a white outlined box, was completely scored and incorporated movement and object manipulation. Triptych 1 explored the escapism from the Office; Triptych 2 a journey from grief to happy nostalgia from a loss of a loved one; Triptych 3 a dystopian city where people are under strict surveillance.

The cast for the Triptych series were: Helen Foan, Lauren Partridge and Kate Tiernan.

Triptych 3 has been taken further, has gone back to the rehearsal studio for further research and development and is now being developed as a full length play.